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BOTOX is a cosmetic treatment that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and deep lines, like those that appear in between the brows and around the eyes. It’s a popular treatment for women and men who want more youthful, refreshed, and vibrant appearances. BOTOX injections should only be administered by highly-skilled injection specialists like those at BOTOX Dallas!

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How Does BOTOX Work

As you age, the repetitive motions that your facial muscles make contribute to fine lines and wrinkles. Over time the wrinkles can become permanent, and they can be noticeable even if you’re not moving those muscles.

BOTOX Cosmetic is the brand name for botulinum toxin. It’s a toxin that causes muscle weakness. When injected in very small amounts into your facial muscles, the muscles relax, which reduces the pull they exert on the skin. As a result, wrinkles relax, soften, and can even disappear altogether!

What Are The Benefits Of BOTOX

BOTOX injections temporarily reduce or eliminate vertical frown lines between the eyebrows, horizontal forehead creases, crow’s feet near the outer eyes, visible bands in the neck, and other less common facial concerns. BOTOX injections can also be used to treat migraine headaches, excessive sweating, and certain muscle spasm conditions.

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What Can BOTOX Treat

BOTOX injections work on wrinkles and lines that are caused by common facial expressions like frowning and smiling. It can also help people who suffer from excessive sweating and migraines. The injectable won’t work on wrinkles that are caused by loss of facial volume or skin laxity.

BOTOX Frown Lines

The lines in between the brows can become very deep. In some people, BOTOX can reduce the appearance of these lines. In others, the treatment may be able to eliminate the lines entirely.

BOTOX Crows Feet

Facial muscle movements can cause lines to form between your eyes and crow’s feet to appear at the corners of your eyes. BOTOX crows feet can give you younger, brighter-looking eyes by reducing the appearance of these lines.

BOTOX For Sweating

The Texas heat is blistering at times, and many people find themselves sweating excessively. This kind of problem can be uncomfortable, embarrassing, and unattractive. Sometimes it can even limit your clothing choices. BOTOX for sweating can help fix this problem.

Injecting BOTOX into the sweat glands under your arms will dramatically reduce the amount of sweat they produce, and it works in just a few days! With BOTOX, you can have the freedom and confidence to enjoy the outdoors whenever you want, even when the Texas heat is at its height.

BOTOX For Migraines

If you suffer from chronic migraines, BOTOX could help stop them before they start. BOTOX paralyzes muscles by blocking signals from the nerves. Once injected, they can’t contract, which results in softened, relaxed wrinkles. If you’re a squinter or hold tension in your face, neck, jaw, or shoulders, BOTOX can also help loosen these areas and prevent migraines in certain people. BOTOX for migraines can also help reduce pain by blocking certain pain transmitters.

What Are BOTOX Side Effects

The most common side effects of BOTOX injections are temporary bruising and slight pain with injection. Headaches, which go away in 24 to 48 hours, can occur, but this is rare.

A very small percentage of patients may develop eyebrow or eyelid drooping, drooping of the corner of the mouth, or inability to use a straw, depending on where the BOTOX is injected. For this reason, one should not rub the treated area for 12 hours after injection, or lie down for three to four hours after injection. No serious side effects have been noted when using BOTOX at the dermatologic (prescribed) doses.

How Long Does BOTOX Last

BOTOX injections are a temporary treatment, although it does last longer in some people than in others. In general, most people can expect the results of their treatments to last for three to six months.

How Much BOTOX Do You Need

BOTOX Cosmetic treatments are given in units. For any given area, the number of units needed varies, depending on the strength of your facial muscles and the thickness of your skin. This means that men often need more units than women for similar levels of treatment. For questions regarding your specific needs, BOTOX Dallas offers free consultations prior to treatment. Call (214) 817-1722 to schedule your free consultation with one of our injection specialists.

On average, you can expect to need 12 to 24 units per area in the most common areas:

  • Forehead
  • Glabella (in between the brows)
  • Crow’s feet

When Will I See Results

Once BOTOX is injected, it takes 3 to 12 days to see the full results. During this time, the most common side effects are a low risk for bruising and some tenderness at the injection sites. You can reduce bruising by avoiding aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs for two weeks before your treatment. Some people may have headaches during the first day or two after treatment.

Because BOTOX can cause symptoms that take a bit of time to settle, it’s a good idea to schedule your treatment at least two to three weeks in advance if you’re planning to attend a special event. That way, you can be confident that you’ll feel great about your appearance on the big day!

How Much Does BOTOX Cost

The price of BOTOX will depend on the amount you need to achieve your goals. According to patient reviews on, the average cost of BOTOX Cosmetic is $550. Your cost will be determined by the number of areas you address and the complexity of the treatment plan. We will discuss the price with you prior to your procedure so you can make a well-informed decision about your cosmetic goals. If you would prefer to make monthly installments rather than pay one lump sum, we work with CareCredit, a reputable plastic surgery financing agency. We can discuss this option with you during your appointment if it interests you.

Why Choose BOTOX Dallas

BOTOX injection treatments should only be administered by highly-experienced injection specialists like those at BOTOX Dallas. We are the leading provider of BOTOX injection treatments in Dallas, Texas and have performed the treatment on hundreds of patients. Because we are one of the leading providers of BOTOX in Dallas, we are also able to offer our clients the best pricing on BOTOX.

If you’re interested in speaking to our experienced injection specialists about the possibility of smoothing your wrinkles with BOTOX, call BOTOX Dallas at (214) 817-1722 for a free consultation! You can also request an appointment online.

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